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Your success is our success! It is not about us,  it is about you. Our individualized programs help you meet your personal and professional goals.


We know how important it is to have a professional speaker that can deliver. Laura's seminars are dynamic, interactive, topical and infectious.


Do you need immediate results? Our products are designed to give you the tools necessary to solve your problems in a cost effective way.

We take dental practices from stress to success

Dental consulant Laura Jamison specializes in dental consulting, dental practice management, dental speaking and dental seminars for improving dental practices. The business includes dental practice consultants, dental speakers, dental consultants and dental management consultants. We are Jamison Consulting

Jamison Consulting - Dental Consulting & Dental Practice Management

Laura Jamison is one of dentistry's most successful and highly respected consultants. Her focus is on dynamic team building and solid business
management principles. Her seminars take teams from stress to success. Her unique range of experiences, including working for the Pride
Institute with Dr. Jim Pride for over 6 years, combined with a passion for helping dental teams succeed makes her an exceptional speaker, consultant, author and coach.

Laura has guided over 1,500 practices to prosperity since 1992. Her successful seminars, in high demand, have lead her to present for national,
state and county dental meetings as well as many study club chapters throughout the U.S, Sweden and Australia. Her writing can be found in publications including Journal for Private Dentistry (UK), Today's FDA, ADA Dental Teamwork, Dental Assisting Digest, AADOM Observer and in the books, Powerful Practice, Volumes 2 and 3.

Laura is also the founder of Her passion for helping the entire dental team is evident in this website dedicated to educating the community on the oral systemic health link by promoting Dentistry has a Heart month in February each year.

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Our Philosophy

The purpose of Jamison Consulting, Inc. is to provide the dentist and dental team with a customized program for training and support that assists them in achieving their professional and personal goals. The vision of Jamison Consulting is to help you improve the perception of dentistry, one patient experience at a time.


""I have known Laura since 1987 when she walked into my office as a Pride consultant. Since then I have seen her grow into one of the premier independent dental consultants in the country. She is talented, personable, experienced, and would bring great value to your members. I have been present for many of Laura's presentations over the years and continue to be impressed by her abilities and her knowledge. She would be a valuable addition to your list of speakers. Sign her up."

Gary M. DeWood, DDS, MS
Executive Vice-President Spear Practice Solutions, Resident Faculty