Dentistry has a Heart shows the links between periodontal disease and heart disease including link between dentists and cardiologists, oral body inflammatory connection, dental cardio connection, oral cardio connection, oral cardio inflammatory connection, dental cardiology connection & oral body systemic link.
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Dentistry has a heart shows the link between dentists and cardiologists, dental cardio connection, oral body inflammatory connection, oral cardio inflammatory connection, oral cardio connection, dentist cardiologist link, dental cardiology link, oral body systemic link, dental cardiology connection & oral body systemic connection. Our website and seminar were designed to help educate the entire dental team on the subject of oral body inflammatory connection. Resources include videos, articles & letters that can be used to explain or describe the relationship between oral disease and heart disease.

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Dentistry has a Heart shows the link between oral inflammatory disease and cardio / heart disease.

On January 1, 2011 at 11:00 pm my mother, Evelyn suffered a heart attack. She had never experienced symptoms which is not unusual in cardiac events. Research on symptoms for women having heart attacks was based on how men experienced heart attacks and men and women are clearly different physiologically. This knowledge and then the ensuing awareness that heart disease is epidemic, (it kills more people than all cancers combined) led me to create this website. I hope you find it helpful.

Cardiovascular disease is preventable in many patients. It is estimated that 70% of the adult population in the United States has periodontal disease. Chronic inflammation, of which periodontal disease is the most common, is a leading risk factor in developing heart disease. One in two women will die because of CVD. In addition, stroke, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, pre-term low birth weight and still-born babies can be linked to periodontal disease. Genetic testing has determined that the plaque that builds up below the gumline is the same plaque that deposits in the arteries and causes atherosclerosis. Your patients want to prevent health problems. You can help them.


"Dentistry has a Heart is an incredible program that works to educate dental teams and their patients about the medical-dental connection. Laura provides a wealth of information that can be immediately incorporated into practice. I learned such valuable information and cannot wait to implement these ideas with my clients."

Lynn Mortilla
Executive Director, ICOI/ADIA


This website was created so that adults can draw their own conclusions regarding the value of preventing oral disease. Learn how to promote Dentistry has a Heart month in your office. The website and seminar were designed to help educate the entire dental team on the subject of oral body inflammatory connection. offers one hour of continuing education on the subject of Dentistry has a Heart. See sample of seminar. In this hour long seminar learn how to educate patients about the importance of prevention. You will hear about cross promoting your practice with a local cardiologist and keep your patients connected to developments in this dynamic subject matter.


These are suggested activities to implement while promoting American Heart Health Month (and Dentistry has a Heart month):

  1. The thoroughness of your dental examinations will be enhanced by recording blood pressure readings and taking a resting heart rate. Record these numbers on your hygienist's business card. Many patients see a dentist more frequently than they see a physician for a physical examination. This alone can be a life-saver. This step requires taking a blood pressure reading and a business card. You can accomplish this within two weeks.

  2. Educate the patients with periodontal symptoms about the effect of the bacteria in the oral cavity directly linked to cardiac health. Hygienists be committed to explaining the information in the context of your heart health promotion. This step requires verbalizing what is being done in the chair. Don't allow bleeding to occur without bringing it to your patient's attention! Bleeding upon scaling or probing is indicative of infection

  3. Send letters to cardiologists (See letters on the side bar of this website) in your local community to engage them in your practice activities. Ask for printed materials that can support your campaign. This step requires a little bit of organization but can be done before February.

  4. Connect to the website and enroll online to receive a free red dress pin and ideas for embracing this national campaign. Keep in mind that Valentine's day is on a Wednesday in 2018 and Go Red for Women Day is on Friday February 2, 2018. Teams love to dress up for holidays. This can be implemented immediately.

  5. Decorate the office in hearts and the logo of the little red dress. This requires going to the party store and going online. (See Articles in top bar for link to online application).

  6. Send note cards to patients post treatment. These can be ordered in our promo products section. We recommend ordering the note cards with your logo on the back of the card.

  7. Send a letter to patients prior to the month long celebration to encourage them to wear red. Offer to donate $ 1 to the local chapter of the American Heart Association if they do. This is an opportunity to mail your patients a letter. It is a great way to remind them that you are there for them in January, which can be a slow month for some dentists. This may take two weeks to manage but can be pulled off prior to February.


Have fun while doing something helpful. Encourage the team to wear red throughout the month.

Visit local cardiologist's offices with invitations to your practice in a goody bag filled with toothbrushes and floss. Consider the benefits of cross promotion. These physicians may be excited to hear from a dentist who has a heart for this cause. Give away some fun promotional items. To order promotional products that fit in line with this theme, I can be reached by phone at 813.240.4172 and by email at Share your success stories on my blog at


Dental teams have the biggest hearts of any organization I know. It has been my privilege to work with dentists and teams since 1981. Try something different. In this case, it will bring attention to the heart of the matter which may save the lives of your patients.

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